Native Designs by: Black Feather

"Handmade Native American Items"

Osiyo! ( Hello )
My name is "Black Feather". I am  Cherokee Indian. I am proud of my heritage and
 am proud of my gift to create,design, draw, and  paint .
"Wado" ( thank you ) 
stopping by!!
My Father is Joe Max Kirby. His mother was Ida Matilda Mullican Kirby, Her Father Was Thomas Anul Mullican, His mother was Mary Elizabeth Roberts.
Mary Elizabeth Roberts was of Cherokee. Born in 1844in Tn, Died in 1899 Al. from Pneumonia at an early young age. Her death record from the Morgan County, Genealogical Society states that her race was Black, But back then, they did not put Native Americans in the ledgers, Just Black or White. Her brother Jacob Roberts lived with her and the family up until 1890. We found him living on the Chickasaw Indian Reservation, Clay County, Texas with his wife Sarah. 
My GG Grandmother's Death Record showed her to be Black, but you can tell of her photo that she was not. 
This is my Father:
Joe Max Kirby
Age: 9
Danville, Alabama, Morgan County
Born: Nov 11th, 1939
Died Nov 20th, 2012
If you are interested, my book  will be available come late spring...........
"A Search Through Time"
Penny "BlackFeather" Coutlee
Inside you will go on a quest that took over twenty years of  genealogy research and documentation. Also there is  Photographs, Micro Film Documents, Census, and More, Finding my Native Heritage.